Cohort is a web based Occupational Health software system that improves efficiency through streamlining processes and encouraging automation. It provides Occupational Health Departments the opportunity to go paper-light and ultimately paper-free. Cohort reduces errors and increases productivity, ultimately saving you time and money.

Cohort is a named user license typically available via SaaS (Software as a Service) as an annual subscription fee.

Cohort has the flexibility to suit your organisational and departmental needs.  With configurable workflow, flexi screens, customisable questionnaires and letter template wizards, Cohort can typically be configured to work for any departmental need.

Cohort has no restrictions, providing the third party agrees to the format requirements of the data upload module or automated data upload bridge.  For additional functionality Cohort also has an integrated Health Level 7 (HL7) interface to assist with the transfer of clinical and administrative data between various software applications.  Examples of integrations include SAP and Oracle HR.

Cohort connects to market leading Audiometry and Spirometry equipment such as Amplivox and Vitalograph. Results and tests are downloaded directly into the system removing errors and streamlining operational efficiency.  Graphical displays can also be overlaid for easy trend analysis.

Our company and Tier 4 data centre are both ISO 27001 compliant. We are proud to have achieved the leading global standard in information security, ensuring we offer our customers the very highest levels of data security. The ISO 27001 standard from the British Standards Institution, underlines our commitment to safeguard our own and our customers’ content and data in the most secure manner achievable today. For additional security your data is also encrypted at rest within the Cohort database and in transit via any remote device accessing the system and the centrally hosted server.