Who is it for?

Our industry leading occupational health software offers unrivalled benefits to organisations. Decision makers can be confident in achieving a fast return on their investment when they purchase a solution from us. Whether you are a decision maker, process owner, technical lead or health professional, Cohort will provide you with real efficiency savings now and in the future.


Occupational Health Manager

The role of the Occupational Health or Wellbeing Manager in any organisation can be a challenging one. They are predominately focused on issues relating to employee health in the work place and the promoting of well-being programmes. They work to understand the needs of employees when it comes to health, to reduce sickness and to maximise work productivity and levels of performance.

Cohort benefits:

  • Paper-light delivery of work items. Manage departmental turnaround times faster.
  • Save time and money by automating common tasks whilst increasing workflow efficiency.
  • Fast access to analytics for monitoring purposes to inform more efficient future decision making.
  • Achieve greater compliance with legislation guidelines and SEQOHS and MoHaWK accreditation.

Occupational Health Clinicians

Occupational Health Clinicians use their skills to protect human resources and contain health care costs. Clinicians also give structured feedback and produce detailed reports for managers and clients.

Cohort benefits:

  • Clinical note recording is secure and compliant. Templates enable you to pre-fill your notes with headings, frequently used phrases or standard paragraphs to avoid repetitious typing.
  • Licensed and Integrated ICD10 coding system. To to track epidemiological trends and to assist in medical reimbursement decisions.
  • Integrated Outcomes module. Providing a client based assessment of health, and health-related data and outcomes.
  • Clinical Trend Analysis.


A Registered Nurse’s (RN) role within the healthcare team involves the ongoing assessment of patient’s health status and how they respond to a care plan. Areas of work include helping patients meet their needs which include physical, cognitive and social needs.

Cohort benefits:

  • Immunisation & Recall module set out to the current green book. Ensuring automation and clinical governance is maintained.
  • SHS (Specific Health Surveillance questionnaires) set out to HSE compliance and legislation.
  • Automated recalls.
  • Campaign Management.

HR Director/Manager

The Human Resources (HR) Director is responsible for all people based activity within a company from both an operational and strategic point of view. Key work areas include resource planning, recruitment, training, and being the main point of contact for all employment related issues.

Cohort benefits:

  • Configurable on line new starter questionnaires.
  • Employment portal. Real time dashboard of the Occupational health recruitment process, detailing status and next step actions for the applying client.
  • Streamlining of current Occupational health practices. Saving time and money for the team to spend on other income generating activities for the organisation

IT Director/Manager

Trying to manage the technology requirements of a business can be a difficult task. The Information Technology (IT) Director is normally charged with the deployment of new systems and services which can also include the creation of IT vendor contracts, the development of new initiatives and other areas related to the IT function.

Cohort benefits:

  • Future proofed with upgrades included as standard.
  • Offered as SaaS which means no expensive hardware set-up costs.
  • Cloud based solutions. Access from anywhere, anytime and anyplace (subject to internet access).
  • Expert technical and consultancy included.
  • ISO 27001 and PSN Compliant.
  • Data encrypted at rest and in transit.