Mission and vision

Our mission is to add value through technology, innovation and design, to ensure added value for our customers, whilst providing them with a fast return on investment. We believe occupational health software systems should enable users to work smarter and move away from manually driven processes that often result in frustration and inefficiency.


We believe occupational health software solutions should enable users to increase productivity by removing barriers often associated with workflow management.

Our award winning solutions provide industry leading benefits:

Efficiency savings

One of the most beneficial features of Cohort is the ability to save users time and money. This is achieved by automating common tasks, such as appointment bookings, producing a list of health surveillance recalls, entering clinical information, providing reports to management, or collating patient records: all of which are cost intensive, manual processes to complete.

Customer satisfaction

Having solutions that do what they say are important to us. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is committed to customer satisfaction and building long term value added business relationships. Our customers are leaders in their own right and we are dedicated in helping them to develop and grow further through the use of technology.

Dedicated professional service

Our dedicated and professional team of experts understand your business needs and are responsive in providing a high level of technical support to satisfy your requirements, or answer your questions. In addition to our dedicated technical support, we offer a secure tier 4 ready hosted environment, including maintenance and support, for our customers processing needs.