Setting the global standard

Organisations around the world are experiencing the benefits of our award winning, flexible solution.


UK & Europe

Cohort Software was established in the UK in 1980 combining over 37 years of occupational health experience.

It is currently the proven and market leader within the NHS, with over 110 hospitals already using Cohort as the lynchpin for their service delivery. In addition, Cohort is widely used by corporate and blue-chip companies along with fire services, local councils, government agencies, and occupational health service providers.


Australia & New Zealand

Cohort Software is used across Australia and New Zealand by leading service providers as the occupational health system of choice.

Forward thinking companies currently use the Cohort system to solve problems associated with workflow management through automation. With digital transformation and sustainability leading the global agenda, Cohort’s team expertise and innovation is helping businesses across Australia and New Zealand to increase productivity and compete in the global economy.



Cohort Software is used across the United Arab Emirates by one of the leading hospitals.

Cohort Software has enabled innovative organisations to deliver key parts of the occupational health and wellbeing strategy. The Cohort system has helped to ensure employees are healthier, happier and more productive.