Industry sectors

Cohort Software is currently used across a range of specialist industry sectors. Here's a closer look at some of them.



The utilities sector comprises of electric, gas and water firms, and integrated providers that are responsible for the production and delivery of resources to homes and businesses.

Water companies are one of the key suppliers operating in the utilities sector. They are charged with the provision of water and sanitation to homes, ensuring there is a reliable and clean supply. Having enhanced customer services and processes are crucial to ensuring efficient delivery of services to the end user.



This sector covers a number of areas including: freight, logistics, supply chain and management, passenger transport, vehicle manufacturing, retail, aviation and traffic management.

Customers in this sector often operate a mixed service provision and have multiple sites across different locations with a peripatetic workforce. Companies operating in this sector often face challenges in being able to access employee occupational health records at their locations.


Civil engineering and construction

This sector consists of companies engaged in the building of commercial spaces, civil engineering projects and other types of industrial infrastructure.

Organisations operating in this sector can range from small businesses to multinationals; both have individual, important and very specific occupational health considerations for their workforce. Challenges, such as coordinating team diaries and the document management of occupational health referrals, can act as barriers to completing tasks in a timely and efficient manner.


Public services

The public services sector encompasses all local and central government and their agencies. From healthcare to education, social care to housing, refuse collection to international development, tourism promotion and pensions.

Police forces are one of the main organisations operating in this sector with a heavy reliance on the health and safety of their personnel and an increasing focus on employee wellness.


Hospital and healthcare

This sector includes companies that power all aspects of the healthcare industry. Examples of these include hospitals, clinics and wellness providers.

Current technological developments are presenting the health care sector with huge opportunities for improvement. Systems that have relied on paper for decades, are now gradually improving, thanks to the adoption of automation, mobile and cloud based technologies.


Occupational health

Occupational health relates to the promotion and support of workers in all occupations so they can maintain a high level of physical, mental and social well-being. The role of occupational health is to prevent people from leaving their work due to poor health and to control risks.

Occupational health providers can be found operating across a range of other sectors. Challenges found here can relate to how administrative processes for employee referrals and management of employee data can be handled more securely whilst ensuring compliance with legislation and industry professional standards.