Medgate Inc., the leading global provider of occupational health and safety (OH&S) software, has released a new case study outlining how Fortune 500 customer CSX Transportation has benefitted from the use of OH&S software. In the study, Dr. Billy Bullock, Director of Industrial Hygiene for CSX, offers insights to other OH&S professionals considering implementing software to manage their business processes. Challenges and outcomes are detailed, focusing on the areas of medical surveillance and industrial hygiene management.

Prior to implementing Medgate, CSX was using disparate systems and manual methods to manage occupational health and industrial hygiene. This created various problems; for example, without an effective system to manage employee medical surveillance, there was uncertainty around regulatory compliance. This and other challenges prompted Bullock and the CSX team to seek a new electronic OH&S data management system to streamline their processes. The case study details the vetting process that ultimately led to the selection of Medgate.

The study also highlights the key outcomes of selecting Medgate as an OH&S software provider. In Bullock’s eyes, one such highlight is Medgate’s expert customer support. “[The Client Service Consultants] are experienced industrial hygienists and medical professionals who have been out in the real world. They know what we’re talking about,” he comments. He also calls out the software’s reporting capabilities and extensive customization features: “in Medgate you have pretty much free reign in designing the layout and changing the names of the fields to suit your particular application.”

Ultimately, this case study is a lesson for other organizations looking to improve OH&S processes and cut costs. Bullock is extremely satisfied with Medgate as a company and an OH&S software solution. As he enthuses in the study, “[Medgate is] committed to making sure they could find a solution for us. They did not give up until they found a resolution, brought it back to us. It’s one of the things that tells me that I have selected the right business partner for my software needs.