New business growth leads to increased demand for Cohort occupational health software from the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

New business expansion due to an excellent year of growth and continued loyalty from valued customers has led to the rise in demand for Cohort software from new territories.

Richard Bull, Cohort Head of New Business for EMEA, has been busy laying the foundations for operations to allow for expansion across these new countries with customer success already coming from Air New Zealand.

He has been busy visiting new prospects, presenting new business demonstrations and attending specialist conferences to extend the Cohort network with industry leading leading professionals and specialists.

Strong partnerships have already been forged and demand is rapidly rising from businesses to install Cohort as their occupational health system of choice. To support this successful growth, Richard and his family recently relocated from the UK to their new home in Queensland in Australia.

Richard commented;

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us a business and a very exciting adventure for me and my family. The marketplace in these countries is well-suited to our solutions and the immediate benefits we can achieve almost from day one with Cohort being a definite win for all involved.

The feedback from everyone so far is that the industry is in need of a single solution that can automate day-to-day tasks and make reporting and comparisons of test results a simple and efficient process. One organisation has seen a time saving on audio tests; originally taking 45 minutes, now taking just 5 by using Cohort. The cost and efficiency benefits for this alone make a huge impact on the overall business.

I am sure I echo the whole business when I say we are very excited to see where the next 12 months takes us and we look forward to meeting with all of our potential customers along the way.”