Health Surveillance plus

The PLUS module is a natural extension to the Specific Health Surveillance module currently available within Cohort. It allows questionnaires to be sent out electronically to specific clients or groups of clients prior to an appointment being made, or the client being seen. Links to your questionnaires can also be securely provided via your organisations intranet, which makes the completion of questionnaires safe, efficient and secure. Your current paper based forms can be created and catered for by SHS PLUS, as the module allows you to define your own questions, mandatory fields and clinical pathways. Customer satisfaction surveys can also be implemented as part of the client journey, along with inhouse SEQOHS requirements.

On Line questionnaires

Delivery back to Cohort system

Guarantees accurate and correct data capture

Can be used for customer service questionnaires

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It’s much quicker and easier now. H3 have demonstrated how it is possible to streamline three organisations, into one central system.

Donna Howard

Business Systems Manager, Hampshire Occupational Health Service.

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10th July 2019

Cohort Software announces collaboration with FOHN with webinar series

Cohort Software is sponsoring a series of webinars by the Faculty of Occupational Health Nursing, which will consider how health needs assessments can form a framework for improving the quality […]

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