Starting three months ago, Medgate hosted a webinar series for customers to introduce the latest product version, GX2. The webinars provided an opportunity for Medgate customers to preview the capabilities of GX2 and every session covered in-depth a specific topic and module, including “Incident Reporting”, “Risk Assessments,” “Business Intelligence” and “Audits and Inspections”.

Presentations were led by a team of Medgate subject matter experts in the OH&S field. The series received very positive feedback:

“I have found your Webinars to be a great introduction to GX2. We are currently on version 6 sp2c. I am interested in learning more about creating trees.” [Note: In GX2, the Data Cube allows users to easily create and refine data tables and graphs by dragging and dropping from a list of measures, dimensions and filters using tree functionality.]

“The “Business Intelligence” webinar provided me with insightful information about the new reporting capabilities. The dashboard interface that comes with this upgrade would allow a better understanding of my business unit medical data.”

“Great presentations! I continue to access Medgate community for recordings, upcoming demos and workshops.”

“I appreciate every opportunity to interact with Medgate’s team to have my questions and concerns responded in real time. I appreciate Medgate’s commitment to delivering a product that meets customers’ needs.”