Medgate Inc., the leading global provider of software for health and safety data management, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Reza Alemy as Chief Medical Officer of the Company.

Dr. Alemy is an experienced family physician, radiation oncology specialist, and a renowned e-health expert. Dr. Alemy has published extensively on the topics of e-health software systems and in radiation oncology. Prior to pursuing his studies and career in medicine, Dr. Alemy was a software engineer.

“Product innovation is one of Medgate’s core corporate values. We are delighted to have Reza as part of the Medgate team as we strive to meet the changing needs of our current and future clients,” states Mark Wallace, President of Medgate Inc.

Dr. Alemy worked as a part of the ISO technical committee for development of OSCAR in the McMaster University Department of Family Medicine. OSCAR, an open source electronic medical record (EMR) application, is a system containing health care information with complete scheduling, e-charting, prescribing, and billing functions, Lab downloads, tables and graphs, and chronic disease management tools.

As well as his position with Medgate, Dr. Alemy works part time as a practitioner in a family medical practice and as a senior e-health consultant with OSCAR BC.