In a new article (a version of which was recently published in, Medgate’s John Easton examines how to improve safety culture at an organization by measuring ‘finding and fixing’ performance. The article, titled “How to Measure (and Improve) Safety Culture with Automation” addresses each of the following topics:

  • How a single, automated database improves finding and fixing
  • How to promote and understand a healthy balance between finding and fixing
  • Standardizing an effective hazard identification and collection process
  • Effectively prioritizing actions based on risk

Safety culture is a hot topic for many of today’s organizations, and a positive safety culture helps companies achieve their ultimate goal of achieving better safety performance. This article provides a tangible solution to measuring safety culture and improving safety at an organization. The abridged version of this article (not including graphics or charts) published in the online edition of April’s OH&S Magazine can be found at

John Easton is a CRSP and MHSc (Industrial Hygiene) with many years experience in Safety and Industrial Hygiene roles. He currently holds the position of Product Manager at Medgate.