Paper-based system reliance can negatively impact your occupational health service or department

Paper-based occupational health services often suffer from poor connectivity, experience difficulty in accessing data, and have limited security with no audit trail. Such factors act as a real barrier to best practice.

Emerging technology has brought about new potential for businesses. Paper-based systems have long been the only way to manage a department, and have become ingrained into an ethos of ‘it’s just the way we do things here’. Too many departments keep mountains of paperwork, in countless filing cabinets, yet do not incite the necessary change.

Disadvantages of a paper-based system:

  • Placement offers being held up whilst waiting for an immunisation record
  • Slow or incomplete recalls
  • Lack of post-visit information in the absence of electronic record-keeping, which affects OH in the form of high DNA rates
  • Pharmaceutical batch recalls can be painstaking
  • Data security is at risk
  • Back-up and recovery of a paper based system is close to impossible

Aside from the effects on both the patient and the department, a paper based system is simply inconvenient. Reluctance to change is common.

Occupational health professionals have set work habits, and these are key to how the department functions. Changing these habits can affect the quality of service they provide and this is an understandable reservation, however, once the new technology has been embraced, it is undeniable that the level of service increases.

Inevitably, cost is a very real and very reasonable barrier. Vendors need to be researched and a budget set. Once the initial investment has been settled, the department will see a positive ROI immediately.

Realise the benefits of Cohort software:

  • Electronically store documents which are readily available to authorised users
  • Streamline manual processes. Users can assign tasks and reminders in a few clicks
  • Automated audit trails: For OH departments who adhere to SEQOHS and MoHaWK, Cohort ensures compliance
  • Admin time is cut with easily accessible documents
  • Reports, Results, Recall letters and Appointment setting take no time at all
  • With Hosted Cohort, OH professionals can work remotely
  • Use SMS reminders to reduce DNA rates