Ruth Alston Memorial Lecture proudly sponsored by Medgate UK as part of the recent Health & Wellbeing at Work Conference in Birmingham

The Ruth Alston Memorial Lecture (RAML) takes place annually on the evening between the exhibition days of the Health & Wellbeing at Work Conference in Birmingham. Medgate UK are proud to have been long-term sponsors of this event for many years now. AOHNP President Diane Romano-Woodward opened the evening by introducing Carol Cholerton.

Carol discussed how, twenty-five years ago, AOHNP developed a workshop (with Cranfield University Business School) to consult occupational health nurses. A vision was formulated, obstacles identified and solutions found. These solutions were incorporated into a five year AOHNP business plan.

Carol also shared her belief that occupational health nurses are the only truly autonomous nursing professionals.

This year attendees were delighted to hear from Heather White, networking specialist and CEO of Smarter Networking Ltd as the keynote speaker. Heather specialises in networking and personal brand. Her session was enlightening, insightful and fun. She explained the art of networking and professional brand is, “about building up a strong network of contacts who understand you, your expertise/experience and your products/services and are able to recommend you when the moment arises”.

The evening was finally wrapped up with a three course dinner and wine (the portion of the evening sponsored by us here at Medgate UK) and a prize draw.

AOHNP President Diane Romano-Woodward commented:

“Going for the topic of networking for the RAML was a controversial choice, but it worked out well. Those who attend from all the professions in work and heath commented on what practically useful and enjoyable evening it had been We are grateful to Medgate UK, the builders of Cohort occupational health software, for being a major sponsor of the evening.”