MoHaWK is the national web-based bench-marking tool which supports local audit for occupational health services

MoHaWK is used to measure evidence-based clinical practice and processes in order for services to identify if improvements are required. It also allows services to benchmark against their peers.

Round 10 is now complete and contrary to some beliefs, MoHaWK is not just for the NHS; it is an extremely valuable tool for occupational health departments in companies, commercial providers and teams from other areas of the public sector.

Benefits for non-NHS occupational health teams and providers include:

  • Provision of quality data for use in tenders to demonstrate customer satisfaction and turnaround times
  • Evidence to meet the requirements of SEQQHS to gain accreditation
  • Review elements of practice and drive improvement

Cohort and MoHaWK

Cohort software by Medgate UK comes complete with a standard suite of reports which includes the functionality required to meet and maintain MoHaWK guidelines. To ensure control of your data, it is also possible to link the reports to a third party report generator such as Excel or Crystal Reports. Once the report has been designed there is an automatic refresh of data between the two. The reporting module allows for:

  • Graphical and professional presentation of reports
  • In-depth analysis and identification of data for auditing requirements
  • Comparison of trends
  • Dynamic linking between report writers
  • Creation of bespoke reports, tailored to specific requirements

Hilary Winch, Head of Workplace Health, Safety & well-being for Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust stated;

“Syngentis are really grateful for the support that Medgate UK has given to their users in helping to develop systems that make it easier for services to review their individual performance within the MoHaWK indicators”.