Automation implementation in occupational health and wellness services should be embraced not feared

Automation can eliminate over 70% of the manual activity associated with repetitive administration tasks within your busy occupational health and wellness department, allowing you to focus on the more value added work, is there a reason you would not want to do this? Many organisations are now seeing automation software as a foundation to ensure greater control and efficiency of processes in their service offering; such as appointment booking, management reporting, making recalls and collating patient records.

Using automation to streamline these common tasks allows users to save time by moving away from manually-intensive processes to a more streamlined cost-efficient paperless workflow.

Once implemented, Cohort (Medgate UK’s award winning and leading cloud based solution for occupational health) can be easily accessed by users from any location, without the need for any additional hardware costs.

By using intuitive dashboards and interfaces, Cohort software allows users to automate and manage tasks within a few clicks with full audit control.

Key benefits and features

  • Reduction in manual process time
  • Paperless workflow
  • Greater audit control which allows for compliance with MoHawk and SEQQHS accreditation
  • Powerful reporting and information management which allows for greater accuracy with reduced errors
  • Software as a service (SaaS) with clear transparent pricing and no hidden costs

Automation in the workplace is designed to enable people to do their job with greater efficiency. The healthcare industry is often met with constraints such as time and tight budgets but choosing the correct software solution for your business will ultimately provide you with a solid return on investment.