Cohort Software Occupational Health Specialist Sue Carty has produced a free downloadable guide in support of achieving greater compliance with SEQOHS Standards

Cohort software for occupational health enable users to achieve greater compliance with SEQOHS Standards through use of it’s advanced reporting and data analysis features. Customers working towards accreditation or ones that are already accredited often ask many questions relating to the process of gathering their evidence to demonstrate how they meet the SEQOHS standards.

Sue Carty who is the Occupational Health Specialist from the Cohort team has put together a document in consultation with SEQOHS Assessor Andrea Paterson entitled; ‘SEQOHS Accreditation: How An Electronic Health Record System Supports the Required Evidence Gathering Process’. This document describes the ways in which Cohort can support you during the SEQOHS accreditation and the manual renewal process, together with the types of suitable evidence which can be used to demonstrate compliance.

You can download a free copy of this document in PDF format by clicking here or on the image below –